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What Are You Wearing?: The Meaning Behind Our Jewelry

I have always loved jewelry and especially gravitate toward pieces that have a special background. For me, jewelry is not only an interesting and fun expression of my personal style, but a great way to keep things that have sentimental value as close to me as possible. Whether it be a beautiful heirloom passed down to me, a gift from a loved one, or a unique design that I picked up while traveling, I hold on tight to jewelry that has spirit.

With that thought in mind, each of Didi & Dhai’s pieces was influenced by Nepal and its people. When you wear our jewelry, we want you to feel connected to our story and the young survivors that you are supporting by wearing it.

The Pokhara Pendant was inspired by a treasured symbol used in both Hinduism and Buddhism called the vajra. In Sanskrit, vajra means both thunderbolt and diamond and is thought to be made of an indestructible substance that protects those who wear it as a pendant. I loved the idea of creating a piece that not only helps keep the young Nepali survivors safe, but also the supporters of Didi & Dhai.

Our Surya and Candra earrings were inspired by the sun and the moon in Nepal’s national flag. “Surya” means sun and “candra” means moon in Nepali. Their presence on the flag is meant to represent permanence and the hope that Nepal lasts just as long as the sun and moon. The sun depicts the powerful determination of the Nepalese and the heat of the lower part of the country, while the moon symbolizes the calming nature of the people and the cool weather of the Himalayas.

While we all lead drastically different lives, each one of us needs the sun, moon, and protection. Always. Get a piece of them here!

Nora Parry is the founder of Didi & Dhai, a travel lifestyle brand that specializes in handmade jewelry.

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