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Didi & Dhai’s Next Trip

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

Several summers ago, I traveled away from the chaos of Manhattan and found myself living in a house off a quiet street in the city of Pokhara, Nepal. In an effort to couple my desire to see more of the world and my interest in social work, I had decided to volunteer abroad at a safe home for young survivors of sexual assault.

I was drawn to the program in Pokhara because the home not only provides food and protection for the survivors, but also counseling to help work through the trauma and aid the healing process. Counseling has played an important role in my own life as I have often turned to it in order to better understand myself and my grief in the wake of losing both my parents by the age of 22. The idea of Nepal also held a special place in my heart because my mother had visited the country two years before her death. Always looking for ways to feel close to her, I wanted to see the exotic beauty she had witnessed and imagine that I was following in her same footsteps on foreign ground.

However practical or whimsical my reasons were for choosing Pokhara, Nepal, I am so grateful I made my way to that safe home. Getting to know the resilient survivors and the selfless women that care for them made me realize that compassion is not a feeling that ebbs and flows. It’s not an emotion that one feels only when it is convenient for him or her. Compassion is a lifestyle.

I believe that the most important thing in life is to cultivate happy, healthy, and loving relationships with others. Creating significant bonds and sharing your life with other people gives us purpose. Without compassion for yourself and for others, none of that is possible.  This value is at the center of Didi & Dhai and everything that we do. We want to embody and share this compassionate way of life by offering jewelry that allows you a way to aid these young Nepali survivors and connect to an important mission.

In this next phase of Didi & Dhai’s journey, we want to deepen our commitment to our compassionate community by providing you with articles that cover anything from travel, social change, to people who inspire us. Starting this week, we will be sending a weekly newsletter where we share stories that reflect the idea that compassion is not just a feeling you tap into on occasion, it’s a lifestyle.

Thank you for being a part of the Didi & Dhai family — please join us on this next trip.

Much love,

Nora Parry is the founder of Didi & Dhai, a travel lifestyle brand that specializes in handmade jewelry.

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