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Thankful Thoughts

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Today, and every day, we are incredibly grateful for you. Thank you for being a part of our incredible community and continuing to support us. This Thanksgiving, we want to share a few thankful thoughts we gathered from some of our lovely didi…

“I am thankful for being surrounded by people who inspire me to be a better person, to learn every day and to spread kindness and love. I’m thankful for my loved ones here and for those watching over me.”

“Of course I’m so thankful for my amazing friends and family near and far, but in a time where there’s a lot of sadness and turmoil in the world, I find peace and hope in all of the natural beauty our world has to offer, some of it I have been fortunate enough to see, much of it I still have yet to see and look forward to exploring it with my fellow didis, of course!”

“There are so many things I am thankful for it is hard to articulate in a few sentences. I am thankful for my beautiful children, amazing husband, incredible family, supportive sisters, caring friends, and the wonderful life I live.”

“I am thankful for laughter and for the people that make me laugh. You keep me light-hearted, you give me perspective, and you serve as an ever-present reminder that while life may be chaotic, there is truly so much joy.”

“I am thankful for my family and friends and my (new) husband. I’m thankful that I can keep in touch with friends who live in different states so that the distance doesn’t seem so far away. I’m thankful that I am lucky enough to feel happy every day even if just for a short time.”

“I’m the most thankful for my friends and family, and especially for my sister who is truly the bravest person I know.”

“I’m thankful for dirty dishes, because that means I’m eating well. I’m thankful for traffic, because that means I’m lucky enough to ride in cars. I’m thankful for New York City tap-water, because I never have to feel thirsty.  I’m thankful for my family … because they’re badass. And I’m thankful for my friends, because they’re my chosen family.”

While this holiday is a great reminder to give thanks for life, loved ones, and the world around us, we definitely don’t want to limit our gratitude to just one day.

We are forever thankful for you!

Nora Parry is the founder of Didi & Dhai, a travel lifestyle brand that specializes in handmade jewelry.

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